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Remedies for Holiday Pain

Until you can get to the hospital, activated charcoal is a quick remedy for throat itching… Continue reading

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How to Tell if You Might Have Celiac Disease

What is Celiac disease? Celiac disease (also called celiac sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropathy) is a digestive disorder that causes an inability to absorb nutrients, fat, vitamins and minerals from food.  This inability stems from damage to the lining of the small … Continue reading

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Dr. Mercola: Long-Term Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Other Antacids Can Cause Vitamin B12 Deficiency Dr. Mercola (mercola.com) published an article on the dangers of extended use of antacids. This is his summary: Popular drugs to treat acid reflux … Continue reading

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Defending Health

I did it! I removed myself from the sphere of middle school teaching and devoted myself to that which I have loved for so long – being a naturopath.  Yes – I am jumping in to help those in need. … Continue reading

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