Defending Health

I did it! I removed myself from the sphere of middle school teaching and devoted myself to that which I have loved for so long – being a naturopath.  Yes – I am jumping in to help those in need.

Being a naturopathic physician is wonderful and rewarding! Guiding clients toward a more natural way of living, hearing the relief in their voices and seeing results are invigorating and humbling all at the same time. Being a naturopath also demands a great measure of responsibility, for I hold myself to the standard that I ought not to encourage my clients to do something that I am not. Let responsibility begin with me.

My area of focus is the digestive system. Much of the stress of our lives is birthed there, resulting in untold maladies. We are busy, so we put off going to the bathroom or we have no bowel movement at all because our system is stressed. We have stomach aches and upper GI pain, reflux diseases and all sorts of illnesses. Is it not time to make our health our priority?

Dr. Lesa Lawson
Your health matters


About LawsOnHealth Wellness

My organs were shutting down, the specialist said. I didn’t hear much of anything after that. The words ‘shutting down’ meant imminent death, in my mind, fraught with horrible pain. I envisioned myself unable to control my faculties and being left in a hospice to moan my last few days. It did not help that the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. On top of all the drugs they prescribed which made me more ill, they did an EMG (such long needles!) MRI's, an endoscopy, and CT scans. Major surgery came next but was later determined to have been unnecessary, after all. That day, hearing those words from the specialist brought me to the river's edge; I would take no more drugs! Instead, I would take my health in hand. Now, I am well, and a trained naturopathic physician, holistic health coach, and colon hydro-therapist. All around us, there is a renewed surge in alternative health and I am excited to help clients reach their goals. Are you at the edge of the river?
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